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In line with the requirements and standards of the Russian labor law for safety and environmental protection, emergency trainings are given to our staffs through the engagement of emergency and rescue team, fire service team and other cooperative structures. Each year at the company, the training are given to help our staff members’ actions in case an emergency issues arising from environmental, informational, industrial, transportation, occupational hazards and fire hazards aimed at fulfilling the safety requirements. The safety procedures cover the whole aspect of our business, and priority attention is given to protecting the health and life of our personnel, prevention of emergencies and so on.

All our staff members have a special safety wears/clothing, footwear, helmet and other safety means according to the stipulated standards and requirements. Preliminary and periodical medical examinations are carried out on all staff members during the course of work or when hired to control the health conditions and identify any professional health issues or diseases in due time. Environmental protection certificate, Workplace certification by labor has been completed, and work accident risk has been insured.